Adele was profiled on '60 Minutes' before the 2012 Grammy Awards telecast. The 'Rolling in the Deep' singer engaged in a frank chat with Anderson Cooper, who said that 2011 is "the year of Adele" and that her success is so extraordinary because she is gimmick-free. The British singer broke her silence about her vocal cord issues and her unconventional rise to fame during their chat."I thought it was hilarious," she said about her overnight success. "I always wanted to be a singer, but it's not my cup of tea to have the whole world know you are." She also acknowledged that she wrote '21' selfishly in order to get over that now-famous breakup.

She also described feeling something "pop" in her throat when her also-famous polyp hemorrhaged, as it sidelined her from touring. "I should have stopped singing for six months, but it's impossible to do when you are in the eye of the storm," she said about the ill-timing of her vocal cord issue.

Adele sang an a capella version of 'Someone Like You' for Cooper in a small London recording studio and she sounded as beautiful as she looked with her signature black eyeliner an voluminous auburn hair. She said that if she adopted a gimmick, she thinks people wouldn't believe her, so she sticks to what she knows: love songs.

The singer also had a hearty giggle at the 'Saturday Night Live' skit featuring the cast members crying to 'Someone Like You.' Adele addressed the ex who inspired all of '21,' saying that her smash hit ballad "is about him getting engaged really quickly after we broke up. It was to make myself feel better." Ouch!

She also spoke about her new beau Simon Konecki. Her eyes lit up and she offered an ear-to-ear grin, saying, "I'm madly in love." Adele and Cooper joked that she can't write another break up record because she is so happy now, but she also said to write another break up record would be a boring cliche.

Adele also revealed that she has crippling stage fright that begins the moment she wakes up and knows she has a show that night. We're guessing she battled a raging case of that very condition while waiting to go on stage for the 2012 Grammys.

She took Cooper (and viewers) on a tour of her 10-bedroom rented home in the English countryside, which is nearly furniture-free. Let's hope she doesn't spent time decorating it in 2012 because she'll be too busy touring.

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