That is sooo not an Alaia.

Alicia Silverstone is hardly Clueless when it comes to animal welfare. The famously animal-friendly celebrity, who runs a green cosmetics line and released a vegan cookbook called The Kind Diet, has long been an advocate against wearing fur, leather and other animal byproduct clothing.

Now, the '90s pop culture icon is using her own skin to send a strong message against the use of wool, with Silverstone starring completely nude, holding nothing but a sheep mask and with her backside facing the camera, in a lush new ad for PETA.

According to the organization on Instagram, where the photo can be seen, "Sheep are gentle, kind animals who are often beaten, kicked, and mutilated so their wool can be made into sweaters, scarves, and other clothing items."

Watch Silverstone and PETA's message about wool below. (Warning: Graphic images of animal cruelty may be disturbing to some viewers.)

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