A little while back, "Back To Church" singer Alyson Stoner took over our Snapchat while filming a video. Today (August 24), we're bringing you the fruits of her labor — and, um, you might want to keep the darts out of reach.

"The Boy Is Mine" is Alyson's brand new single out on August 25, co-written by herself and producer Rob Grimaldi. And if you ever wanted to know the true meaning of "relationship goals," look no further than the song's accompanying visual.

Alyson's found herself a, uh, real man to give all her lovin' to, and she's not about to let him get away. Seriously. (If you're about that YouTube life, you'll see a familiar face: Girls Night In tourmate Alisha Marie makes a special cameo in the video.)

It's a refreshingly silly spin on the ol' crazy girlfriend shtick. And honestly? We're still kinda jealous of that mannequin.

To catch her out on the road, check out Alyson on the Girls Night In Tour with Niki & Gabi, Alisha Marie, and Jessie Paege.

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