It looks like Amanda Bynes is making some effort to regain control over her own life, but it may not be enough. According to an update from TMZ, Amanda's lawyer made an appearance in court today, arguing for the judge to end her parents' conservatorship. However, it looks like the judge ruled that the lawyer cannot speak on behalf of Amanda as her conservatorship states that Amanda is unable to agree to a binding contract.

In order for the conservatorship to be overruled, Amanda has to prove to the judge that she is capable of living on her own. And considering Amanda was a no-show in court, the conservatorship is remaining in place, for the time being.

We reported earlier that Amanda was released from the psychiatric facility where she was being held after a judge overturned the order that she be held there against her will. Although she has been allegedly taking her medication and appears lucid, doctors have expressed concern over her being allowed to live on her own. After being released from the facility, Amanda took to Twitter to post a rant that quickly devolved into an incoherent diatribe against her parents, Sam Lufti and a few others.