Amanda Bynes has reportedly been living with three other girls in West Hollywood -- and now the roommates are allegedly demanding money from the troubled actress, claiming that she damaged the apartment.

The girls claim that Bynes has stained their rugs with blue hair dye and cigarette burns, TMZ reports. And the mother of one of the roommates has reportedly gone to Bynes' parents to demand that they pay $1,500 to fix the damages. The former Nickeldeon star's parents, however, reportedly claim that the roommates knew that Bynes was unstable when they let her stay with them. In fact, one of the roommates in question is believed to be Bynes' hairstylist.

Sadly, it's just the latest in the ongoing saga that is Amanda Bynes' current situation. After being involuntary held at a psychiatric facility for weeks, Bynes was recently released after a hearing officer deemed her to be stable. Her parents are set to surrender their conservatorship over their daughter and put her health in the hands of a medical professional.

As always, we wish Amanda Bynes and her family the best during this difficult time.