In another win for civility, it looks like exes Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have managed to put their past public bickering behind them.

The two spent some time together with actor Ryan Hansen of Veronica Mars and Party Down, who posted a photo of all three of them on Instagram. He jokingly captioned the photo "Proud to announce my new gig as Divorce Counselor for @mistercap and @amberrose #boysofzummer.”

Just a day before the photo was taken (August 10) Amber went to the Los Angeles stop on Wiz’s current summer co-headlining tour with Fall Out Boy, the Boys of Zummer Tour.

Also in attendance was Amber and Wiz’s two-year-old son Sebastian, who joined his dad onstage during the show. Amber shot video of the moment and posted it to Instagram, writing, “Our Lil Rockstar! Sebastian took over his Dad’s show last night.”

The two began a bitter divorce process back in September 2014 after 14 months of marriage. Amber filed for sole custody of Sebastian, implying that Wiz cheated on her multiple times during their marriage.

But a few months later, Amber was ready to bury the hatchet, posting a photo of Wiz to Instagram back in April, writing, "My #ManCrushEveryday you know what it is…We went wrong somewhere and even if we never ever get back together (Even tho I pray, dream and hope we do) he will forever be the love of my life. The media doesn't make it easy but f---k them we gotta live for reality and not society. We forever have a bond because we made a beautiful baby from our Love. Through all the ups and downs of our relationship my heart still beats for him every single day. I'm sick of putting on a front like I'm happy without him. I'm not. He makes me happy. He's the only one who can. Regardless of how our lives Turn out in the long run he will always be the skinny tatted up stoner that has my heart."

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