Motown week on 'American Idol' was really the time for contestant Naima Adedapo to shine. The colorful, eye-arresting singer's take on Martha and the Vandella's shake-what-the-good-Lord-gave-ya anthem, 'Dancing in the Streets,' was one of the most fun and footloose performances of the night. It was also the first time that judge Jennifer Lopez was afflicted with goose flesh during the evening, which was populated by an abundance of emotional, moody ballads.

Adedapo performed with a commanding swagger. Lopez commended her as an "exciting performer" and noticed that Adadepo always has that extra little something allows her to turn heads when she steps onstage.

Adedap's performance was the most difficult because she made the concerted effort to commingle singing and dancing, which is not as easy as pop stars like Gaga make it look. But Adedapo is the mother of several young children, so she most likely has personal and professional multi-tasking down to a science.

Adedapo has shown glimpses of greatness during the competition so far, and she has faltered a bit, too. One thing is unquestionable, though -- her voice is big. In fact, the only thing bigger than her voice is the impossibly huge bell-bottoms that she sported tonight.

Watch Naima Adedapo Peform 'Dancing in the Streets' on 'American Idol'