It's 'American Idol' time again! We've got some major 'Idol' spoilers.

This means that all the hopefuls gifted a golden ticket to Hollywood are weeded out through an arduous audition process, and even more are sent home during boot camp.

It's all very hard to keep track of.

Thankfully for you, the list of the Top 31 singers you should be watching on Season 13 (which is comprised of 16 boys and 15 girls) has leaked; one of them will be crowned this year's 'American Idol'!

You can check them all out below.

Alex Preston

At the ripe age of 20, Alex Preston moved to Nashville to follow his dreams of becoming a professional singer. And, he's doing pretty good so far: In addition to writing his own songs, Alex won a contest called 15 Seconds of Fame that earned him the opportunity to open at the Boston Hatch Shell for artists Of Monsters and Men, Gavin DeGraw and the Backstreet Boys.

Andrina Brogden

Andrina Brogden is an R&B singer from North Dakota. To prepare for her audition for 'Idol,' her uncle adorably put together a video tribute to his niece of her spending time with her family to get her pumped. In addition to singing, she also attended the Minnesota State University at Moorhead.

Austin Wolfe

This Park City, Utah native describes herself as, "A singer-songwriter who creates soulful pop ballads that resonate with young adults." When Wolfe was just 14, her mom launched a YouTube channel to showcase her covers. Now she's got her own channel.

Ben Briley

Ben Briley has many talents. Aside from singing, he is also proficient on guitar and piano. Impressively proficient. Of course, those aren't his only loves. He also has a wife whom he adores very much. His Twitter profile reads: "Married to an unbelievably amazing woman. Music keeps me going. Friends keep me humble. Family keeps me strong."

Brandy Neelly

Country singer Brandy Neelly has auditioned for 'Idol' before, first for Season 11 and again in Season 12, but she didn't even make it to Hollywood Week on her first go. The second time around, however, she landed in a group with runner-up Kree Harrison. Apparently the third time is a charm, because she's cracked the Top 31!

Bria Anai Johnson

16-year-old Bria Anai Johnson is a hip-hop performer who attended the DeKalb School for the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to various covers, she also writes and performs her own songs on YouTube. Considering she could belt a Christina Aguilera number ('Makes Me Wanna Pray') at only 13, the other contestants should watch out.

Briana Oakley

Briana Oakley made it to Hollywood Week during Season 12 when she was only 16 years old. Sadly, she was cut before making it to the Top 40. We certainly hope Season 13 will help her out; last year she reported that she was bullied at school in Antioch, Calif. due to being on the show.

Briston Maroney

Briston Maroney already has his own 4-person band, called Subtle Clutch, which he started back in Middle School. The folk-esque outfit even has a single on iTunes already. Generally a lead singer and guitar player for his group, Briston will obviously be competing on 'Idol' solo. Hopefully he won't miss his bandmates too much.

Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson is a blues rocker with a focus on southern music and classic rock. In addition to auditioning in Season 10 (and performing in the Hollywood group with James Durbin -- who would go on to take fourth place), Johnson also made it to Hollywood in Season 11. Sadly for him, he was cut just before landing in the Top 24. Maybe Season 13 is his year?

Casey Thrasher

Country performer Casey Thrasher has one big reason he's competing on 'American Idol,' and that's his baby. As he explains in the 'Idol' promo while holding his child, "I have a precious reason right here." Adorable. The Alabama native and his group, called the Casey Thrasher Band, won a Battle of the Bands contest in Tuscaloosa last year.

CJ Harris

Yet another country music lover is CJ Harris, who also plays guitar. He was one of the three contestants on the 'Idol' bus tour audition in Tuscaloosa who made it through to the next round, and borrowed fellow contestant Dexter Roberts' guitar for his performance. In fact, CJ and Dexter were friends before they even auditioned for 'Idol' together.

Dexter Roberts

We already love the Fayetteville, Ala. native because he lent his guitar to CJ for his audition (see story above). Fortunately for the country crooner, this is the first year contestants were allowed to use their own guitars. "I feel naked without it because I play all the time,' Roberts said.

Emily Piriz

'Idol' isn't the only reality singing competition that Emily Piriz has been a part of -- she also received an 'X Factor' audition fast pass back in 2012. Her Facebook page describes Piriz (in her own words) as an "up-and-coming young artist from the Orlando area." While singing, she generally accompanies herself on the keyboard.

Emmanuel Jay Zidor

Soul singer Emmanuel Jay Zidor is a giant Beyonce fan who regularly covers her songs on his YouTube channel. An openly gay man, Emmanuel auditioned for the show in San Francisco and made it to the Top 31. While we don't speak directly for her, we're pretty sure Beyonce would be proud.

Ethan Harris

Curly-haired cutie Ethan Harris is a singer-songwriter from New York, who plays guitar and even has a self-released CD. Harris also won an 'X Factor' fast pass and has opened for the likes of Melinda Doolittle. Other accomplishments include being the first person to receive the Terry Doyle Music Scholarship award and being a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition, in the vocal performance category.

George Lovett

According to George Lovett's Facebook page, the soul and classical singer "is a recording artist and performer." He also says that he "recently has been seen winning on the famous Apollo stage." It was there that he sang Donny Hathaway's 'A Song for You.' Like many of the other 'Idol' hopefuls, Lovett has a YouTube channel where he performs cover songs.

Jena Irene Asciutto

Asciutto is an alternative performer who formed her very first band, dubbed Infinity Hour, at the age of 12. Hailing from Detroit, Jena also writes her own music for the group and plays the keyboard. She has been favorably compared to Haley Williams from Paramore and has appeared on local radio stations and on FOX 2 in Detroit. Her band has also opened for acts like Buck Cherry, Smash Mouth and Ingrid Michaelson.

Jess Meuse

23-year-old Jess is from Alabama and uses anger rather than love to inspire her music. She's previously stated: "I just want people to know they're not alone. And that's kind of the message in my music." In addition to singing, Meuse can play the violin (the very first instrument she learned), the piano, the bass, and the guitar. She wrote her first song at 18 and has posted over 100 videos on her YouTube channel.

Jillian Jensen

If Jillian Jensen looks familiar, that's because she appeared on the second season of the 'X Factor,' where she admitted she used to be bullied and delivered an emotional performance of Jessie J's 'Who Are You.' Her audition even made Demi Lovato cry! Also, random 'Idol' fact: She once dated the brother of 'Idol' Season 11 contestant Erika Van Pelt!

Jordan Brisbane

Jordan Brisbane has created his own musical style to describe what type of songs he sings. As he explained on his Facebook page of his genre, it is: "Gospel, Neo-Soul and R&B." His eclectic inspirations include Justin Bieber and former Season 2 'Idol' winner Ruben Studdard. His single 'Get Up' is currently available on iTunes.

Kenzie Hall

16-year-old Kenzie Hall is another one of the younger 'Idol' contestants who made it all the way to the Top 31. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar, Hall regularly plays gigs around the Salt Lake City area where she lives. She also has an EP up on iTunes and performs covers of popular songs on her YouTube channel.

Kristen O'Connor

Even though she desires to be a singer/songwriter, Kristen O'Connor graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in nursing. Well, if they need a doctor in the house, they know where to go. Like many of the other 'Idol' auditioners, O'Connor plays the guitar and spends her free time covering pop-hits on her YouTube channel.

M.K. Nobilette

M.K. Nobilette (aka Emkay Brazil) is relatively difficult to locate on the web and not much is known about her besides the fact that she's an out lesbian. Her online presence however is kept much more under wraps compared to the other contestants. She does, however, have a Vine account.

Majesty York

Soul and gospel singer Majesty York (who also goes by the name Rochelle York, which may be her actual name) hails from Goldsboro, N.C. and is thought to be 21-years-old. A firm follower of Christianity, York can be found around the Internet singing faith-based songs.

Malaya Watson

A native of Detroit, Malaya Watson comes from a very musical family. In 2012 when she was still in high school, Watson appeared (and performed) on the web-series 'B in the City.' In addition to singing, which she has been doing since "left the womb," Malaya can play the piano, the tuba and a little bit of violin.

Malcolm Allen

A deli grocer from Wrightsville, Arkansas, Allen has a YouTube channel full of gospel and soul tunes. He often sings a cappella, and in his own bedroom -- which is even more impressive! Added bonus? He's a pretty darn good whistler too.

Marialle Sellars

A high school student living in Indianapolis, Marialle Sellars impressed the judges so much that Harry Connick Jr. told her she was going, "to be a nightmare for the other competitors in this competition." As she said during her audition in Detroit, "Singing is my life and I couldn't think of my life without it."

Maurice Townsend

Maurice Townsend is yet another 'Idol' contestant who went incognito after getting past the audition stage and landing himself on the show. His personal Twitter account (which is locked) hints that he likes Motown and is from Detroit.

Sadly, we were unable to find a YouTube video for him as of the time of publication.

Neco Starr

Neco Starr is yet another Season 13 contestant who has appeared on 'Idol' before -- he made it into into the Top 42 of Season 11. With mottos like, "sometimes you have to lose to win again," we have a feeling he doesn't seem deterred from past rejection. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Sam Woolf

17-year-old guitarist Sam Woolf lives in Bradenton, Fla. and is currently being raised by his grandparents. In fact, his grandfather adorably refers to himself as Sam's agent and supports his grandson 100%. A songwriter, Sam wowed the judges during the premiere with his unique rendition of Ed Sheeran's 'Lego House.'

Spencer Lloyd

Spencer Lloyd is a big fan of performing contemporary Christian music, and his Twitter account is pretty indicative of his love for both singing and religion. As he wrote in 140 characters or less, "I'm not an amazing singer or musician, that's full of so much amazing talent, but I will use every bit I have to glorify God." He plays both the guitar and piano.

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