It sounds like 'Pretty Little Liars' is going to take a weird turn in Season 5, with Hanna embracing her dark and edgy side and Spencer and Toby taking a bizarre twist.

Hmmmm. Read on for all the spoiler-filled details!

Perhaps the strangest turn of the year will be Hanna's transformation from preppy, cute girl to a "darker" and "edgier" lady, possibly brought about by the return of ex-boyfriend Caleb who will be coming back.

After all, actress Ashley Benson did previously reveal that Hanna is dealing with a lot this season. Like the possibility of an Alison and Caleb kiss.

Her wardrobe seems to have also changed from fun and flirty to comfy and over-sized. You can watch Ashley talk all about the new look over on Wetpaint.

As for Spencer and Toby, actress Troian Bellisario talked about the power couple that is "Spoby" and joked about their "bizarre" love story.

Despite being in a slightly troubled relationship last season, Troian hinted that things are going better for the two in Season 5 since their upcoming reunion in the show's second episode.

As she explained it, "I totally forgot that Spencer and Toby were separated and were not doing too well, and then for all of the press for the end of Season 4, I was like, ‘Yeah, Spoby’s great. Blah, blah, blah.’ And then, eventually, someone was like, ‘You do know you guys are on the rocks?’ and I was like ‘Oh my god, right.’ Because we were already shooting other stuff."

"They’re very passionate people. They’re also very bizarre people. I think that’s why they fit together, so they’re always gonna kind of be like right on the same line with one another and be side by side," she continued of her on-screen relationship, adding, "He’s gonna leave town and she’s gonna get mad. And then they’re gonna criss-cross again. That’s what always happens."

Perhaps Troian is referring to the past season or maybe she's talking about the new season, either way, we're excited.

But mostly, we want to know what this horse has to do with it.