Anastacia's not quite outta love just yet.

The Euro superstar — the deep-voiced pop diva known for smashes like "I'm Outta Love," "Left Outside Alone" and "Sick & Tired" (if you're not familiar, get familiar) — has reunited with her original record label, Sony, after nearly a decade to release a new greatest hits compilation called Ultimate Collection on November 6. And, bundled together with her many, many Top 10 international hits over the years are two newly recorded songs: "Take This Chance" and a song called..."Army Of Me."

No, not a Björk cover — an ode to the Lotus Legend herself, Christina Aguilera.

The cover, which you can hear in full on Sir Terry Wogan's BBC Radio 2 show Weekend Wogan (at the 53 minute mark), supplies slightly more subdued piano and string-filled production, but provides the same opportunity for some mighty, full-bodied belting from the more-than-capable powerhouse vocalist. Rise up, Anastacia!

The choice of cover makes a lot sense too from a lyrical standpoint: Anastacia's gone through one hell of a series of health battles in her life, including two publicized bouts with breast cancer. Having successfully fought her way through each devastating diagnosis, it only makes sense that Anastacia would heavily relate to a song about being a one-woman army — and like Xtina, she's one hell of a fighter.

It's about time some fellow divas paid Tributetina. Now, when will fellow Christina fan Beyoncé be dropping her cover of "Red Hot Kinda Love"?

No word from Legend X about whether she approves of Ana's version, but one thing's for sure: The legacy of Lotus lives on — still going strong. HA! #BuyLotusOniTunes.

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