This may be Anne Hathaway's most committed performance since her Oscar-winning turn in Les Miserables. 

Lip Sync Battle, Spike's new musical reality show, pits all our favorite celebrities against one another in — you guessed it — a series of epic lip sync battles. It may not be the most substantial show out there, but between Justin Bieber's spooky Ozzy Osbourne impersonation to Anna Kendrick's spirited take on Jennifer Lopez's "Booty," it's all wildly entertaining.

But as watchable as all the lip syncs are, Anne Hathaway's just might be the most entertaining of all. For one thing, the notoriously theatrical actress channels all the drama of her stellar rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream." For another, it gives us a chance to see Anne like we've never have before: channeling Miley Cyrus while swinging on a large wrecking ball and flicking off her competition, Emily Blunt.

Speaking of competition, we have no way of knowing exactly what Anne will be up against (though we suspect Emily will put up a pretty strong fight), but we do have a feeling that she will be very a tough act to beat. Let it not be said that the actress doesn't give it her all: In this particular performance, she is giving full on Miley. Between the slicked-back hair, the emotional sliding of hands along the face and exaggerated red-mouthed lip-syncing, we think this is pretty epic, at least as far as impersonations go.

Catch the full performance — and fight out who will emerge victorious — when The Devil Wears Prada co-stars go mic to mic on the April 9 episode of the show.

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