While we practically peed our pants laughing during the premiere of Lip Sync Battle on Thursday night, April 2 (more on that below), it was the preview clip of Justin Bieber as Ozzy Osbourne that really had us crying.

First of all, JB goes full-on Ozzy, rocking everything from his signature black eyeliner to a long, dark wig that surprisingly somehow transforms the Biebs into the Prince of Darkness himself. Also, Justin seriously emulates Ozzy's onstage antics (save for that whole bat-biting thing), including his wide-eyed expressions as he belts out the rocker's classic "Crazy Train." Actually amazing. Check out the clip above!

Now, on last night's show Jimmy Fallon and the Rock duked it out with a little Madonna and Bee Gees action (mixed with a little Taylor Swift, of course). While Jimmy Fallon opted to lip-sync "Like a Virgin" (even going so far as to get the audience involved), the Rock totally nailed his cover of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" — as well as T. Swift's "Shake It Off." Watch 'em go head to head in the videos below!

And, of course, don't forget to tune into the show every Tuesday night at 10PM ET on Spike TV for all of that lip-syncin' goodness.

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