In need of an infectious, summery tune to listen to during the dog days of summer? Look no further than Asha Sing's super catchy 'Satellite.' Fortunately for you, PopCrush has the exclusive premiere of the track!

'Satellite' is an upbeat, feel-good anthem infused with the kind of pumped-up beats that just make you want to dance -- an overwhelming feeling of happiness that Asha intended to capture on the track.

"'Satellite' is a dizzy love song about meeting someone for the first time and having everything in your life revolve around him/her. It’s personally a feeling I love and I’ve only ever felt once in my life," Asha tells PopCrush exclusively about the tune, adding that it "describes those first sparks of love when a person you fall for becomes your world. Everything inside of you is spinning and you can’t help but orbit around him/her."

We love that 'Satellite' just radiates out that positive, head-over-heels vibe. The happiness is totally contagious!

Check out the exclusive premiere of 'Satellite' above. Like what you hear? PopCrush readers can also download Asha Sing's 'Satellite' for free here.