Reality show regular and Dumblonde singer Aubrey O'Day evoked wild speculation on November 8 — aka Election Night 2016, when a historic election ended with Donald Trump's impending presidency — she deleted a tweet about an untold story "worth millions now."

O'Day, who appeared as a contestant on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice back in 2012, has been a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter. On Tuesday night both before and after Trump's electoral vote victory, Aubrey posted concerned tweets and retweeted anti-Trump sentiments from journalists and activists such as actor Jesse Williams. In response to a photo of Trump supporters accompanying a Huffington Post article the former Danity Kane member shared, one follower replied, "really? But you was on trump show!!! Why are you mad that the checks stopped coming!"

O'Day answered, "No. my story I didn't tell is worth millions now ;) ...this doesn't hurt me, it hurts America."

While O'Day didn't provide further info on her untold story, whether it was specifically Trump-related, or why she didn't share it earlier, she did call the oldest-ever first term presidential elect a "lying abusive ignorant piece of trash that is personally and publicly racist, sexist, & homophobic," in case you were still unclear on her feelings about her former NBC costar.

Further, whether the "millions" O'Day refers to would come from a tell-all or a bribe, we'll never know — and if Salma Hayek's story, Trump's 2005 conversation with Billy Bush, his treatment of Miss Universe Alicia Machado and decades of sexual assault allegations failed to sway a sizable portion of the electorate, O'Day's alleged tale might not have made too many waves, let alone cash.

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