Austin Mahone fans, we got your back. In his young career, the teen sensation has already had some memorable moments and we've collected some of his cutest GIFs.

There are tons of adorable Austin GIFs populating the Internet, but we've picked the ones that showcase how much of a cutie he is.

Mahomies, do you think you can possibly handle it? There is a shirtless shot, a slime moment, skateboarding mischief and plenty of that sexy smile! Swoon. Justin who?

Austin laying down the gauntlet and wearing a Biggie shirt.

Bustin' moves! Holla!

That's some artful suitcase skateboarding right there.

His hair is a major part of this epic spin.

Austin's a winner. And he wears a lot of red.

Check out that naughty little eye movement and grin. No wonder Bonnie McKee crushes on him. She told us so when we interviewed her.

Night night, Austin. Sexy and sleepy.

How clever -- a Subway bag for a beard.

A wink and a smile in the studio -- he's looking at you, ladies.

Austin hearts you, Mahomies. He was just a baby in this pic; he looks sooo young. It was a hint of just how adorbs he would remain!

Wuddup with that face?

Austin doing that pow! pow! pow! thing.

His hair is bigger than the strands of Harry Styles.

Skater boi.

Handsome in crisp white. We'd love to walk along that stretch of sand with him.

OMG, we melted, like twice, at that stare.

Shirtless. Check out those abs of steel. The Mahomies are drooling.

Rawr! Pretend that intense stare is meant for you.

A three pointer. A. Mahone is a baller.

What a hotel hallway move.

Slimed at the 2014 KCAs. It's a rite of passage for pop stars, and Austin took it like a man. (He is 18 now, and that technically makes him a man.)