Girl power!

Up and coming "It" rapper Azealia Banks has revealed that she has indeed worked on a song for Lady Gaga while denying that she did the same for Gaga's fellow pop diva Rihanna.

Regarding work with Gaga, Banks told Capital FM (quotes via MTV), "Yeah, I worked on a song for her.
I don't know if it will make her record. I hope it will make her record, but we'll wait and see."

Banks was briefly managed by Troy Carter, who also manages the Mother Monster. That business relationship only lasted a mere two months before Banks and Carter parted ways in the summer. Apparently there is no bad blood, since she has worked with Carter's biggest client after they split.

While there is no indication that the Banks jam will appear on 'ARTPOP,' we hope to hear it in some way, shape or form sooner or later.

One artist that Banks has not yet worked with, but hopes to, is RiRi. She shot down rumors that she's recorded with or for Ri, saying,"No, I haven't done a record for Rihanna. I'd like to, but I haven't."

Let's hope Ri's people hear about Banks' desire to work with her and make something hot happen and soon. Banks and Rihanna would do some serious damage to or on a track.

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