Well looky here! Azealia Banks looks dazzling on the cover of SPIN magazine's "Look" issue with the teaser line, "The Wild Style of Pop's Fierce New Face."

On the September/October cover, the 'Liquorice' diva is wearing a shiny yet colorful bra top and dress with lime green hair looking as every bit the mermaid she claims to be on her mixtape 'Fantasea.' In one photo, Banks reveals her heart-shaped tattoo while wearing a bra adorned with bejeweled starfishes and booty jean shorts. Props to photographer Jason Nocito and stylist Anastasia Marano for capturing Banks' playful and aquatic look for the magazine's photo spread.

SPIN contributor Zach Baron talked with Banks in her new Los Angeles home, far away from her hometown of Harlem, N.Y. The two discuss about her newfound fame, being loved by iconic fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander Wang and her upcoming album. Banks and Baron even hanged out at Disneyland for the day. Wow! It must have been fun.

Along with the SPIN, Banks also appears on the cover of VIBE's "Juice" issue and is the cover girl for Dazed & Confused magazine, which has been banned in seven countries outside of the United States.

SPIN's "Look" issue featuring Azealia Banks will hit newsstands on Aug. 28.