With a brand-new movie trailer, we're getting our first peek at the upcoming Backstreet Boys documentary -- and it looks amazing!

Earlier this month, we told you about the guys' upcoming documentary, 'Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of.' Details were scarce at the time regarding its content but the new trailer is now showing us what the film is made of: archival footage, performance clips new and old, revealing interviews, crazy '90s haircuts and screaming girls. Lots of screaming girls.

The documentary doesn't seem to shy away from the dark days and tough questions, either. "What do you do when you're a full-grown man in a boy band?" a member poignantly asks in a voiceover. And we learn more about the guys' very expensive involvement with disgraced boy-band impresario Lou Pearlman.

Cameras captured BSB's continuing journey into adulthood as they recorded their most recent album, 2013's 'In a World Like This,' and hit the road to support it. You see the guys jamming in the studio, rehearsing dance moves and even goofing off together. And you see a very angry Nick Carter pointing at someone off camera and saying, "I'm not afraid of you anymore!"

Can't wait to find out who he's talking to? Us either! The film gets its theatrical release on Jan. 30, 2015.

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