O to the M to F to the G! Backstreet's back alright!

All five of the Backstreet Boys – that's Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough and the prodigal son Kevin Richardson -- who has returned to the fold -- performed for the first time in a looong time on the 'Good Morning America' stage in Central Park this morning (Aug. 31.) What a way to close out a summer of incredible Friday AM concerts than with the B to the S to the B.

The band said that the best part of getting back together is "this right here, it's like we never stopped. And we got Kev back, so Backstreet's back." Damn straight!

Kev commented on his return, saying that he follows his heart and his gut and that "my heart said 'Now is the time.' It just felt right. I feel inspired to make music again with these guys. When I left, it had nothing to do with our relationship. It had to do with me needing to be inspired so I had to step away for a while."

Richardson also said, "2013 is going to be a big year for us. It's our 20th anniversary. We're in the studio right now working on an album. So we are gonna have that ready, hopefully, for the beginning of next year."

McClean said, "There will be a BSB cruise next year, in October, with all five." That's enough reason to make you squeal.

The well-dressed boys, who have infinite swagger, performed their signature ballad 'I Want It That Way,' in which the crowd, largely consisting of females, sang louder than they did. But it was the perfectly synchronized choreography that made us swoon.

The Boys pumped up the volume and the pacing with their dance anthem 'Larger Than Life.'

So all you young ladies out there that love the Wanted and One Direction, go back and do your homework with BSB. These guys have the smooth moves, perfect harmonies and adorbs faces. BSB = the entire package, and they wrote the book on the modern boy bands. So don't sleep on 'em. Without BSB, there'd be no 1D or the Wanted.


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