The Backstreet Boys are the best selling boy band of all time. That means they beat out their own contemporaries 'N SYNC and 98 Degrees, current chart toppers One Direction and the Wanted and even their own predecessors in classic groups like Menudo and the Jackson 5. That's no small feat. In fact, it's a feat that's, well, 'Larger Than Life.' (We'll be here all week.)

Backstreet Boys' influence was so great that TV shows were actually dedicated to trying to replicate their success and chemistry (remember O-Town on 'Making the Band?'), but every would-be competitor fell short of their crown.

That said, there are so many amazing BSB songs in their extensive and illustrious catalog that narrowing down 10 was far from easy. Still, these are the most iconic Backstreet songs ... so far. Now that Backstreet's back (alright!), we have a feeling we'll be updating this list pretty soon.

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    'I'll Never Break Your Heart'

    'I'll Never Break Your Heart' was the first Backstreet Boys ballad to break through, and it's no real wonder why. Let's be honest: We all melt when A.J. sings, "You walked in / You were so quick to judge." And we would have said the same thing to our moms if she judged him by his tattoos.

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    'Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely'

    More like "Show me what Kevin Richardson's voice sounds like when you actually give him a flippin' solo for once." And guess what? It sounds great. And really, really sad.

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    'More Than That'

    Ballads are and were the Backstreet Boys' specialty, especially ballads about how much better they are than your current jerky boyfriend. The earnest ad libbing in this song, especially by A.J. McLean, makes you really believe them.

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    'As Long as You Love Me'

    Before solo heartthrob Justin Bieber made girls swoon by getting beat up in his own video of the same name, the Backstreet Boys' synchronized chair dancing and apparent aversion to background checks made us all melt.

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    'Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)'

    This sensual midtempo number put Backstreet Boys on the map and into the hearts and loins of girls worldwide. Aside from the perfect harmonies and rich vocals making this a breakout track for the band, the sight of the boys being repeatedly splashed with water was reason enough for this song to make this list. Now if you'll excuse us, we need to splash ourselves with cold water.

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    'Shape of My Heart'

    Who knew apologizing for being a crummy boyfriend could sound so beautiful? 'Shape of My Heart' was pretty sure to cure any 'Black & Blue' marks you may have had on yours ... unless, of course, your partner did something really despicable. (See 'The Call' for an example.)

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    'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'

    That monster-themed video. That hook. Those dance moves. Backstreet were back in a big way with this track, their first single from 'Backstreet's Back,' even though they weren't gone for long at the time.

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    'Larger Than Life'

    'Larger Than Life' was one of the first songs a band ever wrote specifically to their fans. No wonder why it's such a favorite among Backstreet gals -- it's the closest any of us will ever come to getting a BSB song written about us specifically.

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    'The Call'

    Remember the guys who would never break your heart or make you cry? It was replaced by the guys who would take you home after a night at the club, then never call you again ... because they don't want their girlfriends to suspect anything. It was one of the first times the guys showed their bad boys sides in a song, and it worked beautifully -- especially with that beat.

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    'I Want It That Way'

    If there was ever a perfect pop song, this is it. And that airport video? Iconic. The classic Max Martin midtempo ballad set the bar for boy bands everywhere, and even BSB themselves had a tough time topping the song's success, but now that Backstreet really is back, we'd love to hear them try.