"You're on the set of my music video for 'Die Young,'" Kesha smiled. "And I'm walking to the first shot of the day." In typical Kesha fashion though, she couldn't let her behind-the-scenes look be that normal and mundane. She added a spin and said sweetly, "Check out my a--!"

Clad in her revealing 'Mad Max' style bodysuit, it's probably hard for her Animals not to!

The behind-the-scenes look at the video -- which will likely be a cult classic (no pun intended) -- also sheds some light on a lot of the themes presented within it. There's a lot going on that's easy to miss if you blink one too many times (or hone in for too long on K-Dollar Sign's toned behind).

"I wanted to come across a cult, because I always say that me and my fans, and me and my family, and me and my friends, are in a cult," she explained. "Rabid, wild misfits, and I really wanted that to come across in this video."

In another shot, we see Kesha's cult carrying her out of her hearse -- which, if you pay attention to the beginning of the clip, actually has "EVIL" emblazoned on it. "We just shot the scene where I get out of my evil hearse and my cult followers bring their new warrior goddess leader to their new place of worship. We're turning the church into our new lair!"

Kesha also revealed that despite often singing about dancing and partying, the 'Die Young' video is the first in which she actually has choreography. (And it's impressive!) Tune in to see the cannibal queen talk about her cleavage, her filth and how hard her job -- making out with models -- can really be.