And you thought the Twitter battle between Drake Bell and Justin Bieber's Beliebers was just tweet heat. We said those Beliebers are no joke and they aren't. Turns out some of them met Bell at the airport and put the screws to him after he engaged them in a Twitter battle, insulting their hero and suggesting they meet him when he touched down. Cruisin' for a Belieber bruisin' there, aren't ya Drake?

Recap: Bell started a war with Beliebers by insulting Biebs on Twitter and even told them to meet him at LAX when he landed. So they did. Be careful what you wish for.

Come on Drake, do not eff with Beliebers. They are a dedicated bunch, and they showed up, singing and dancing to 'Baby' and asking why he deleted tweets and why he blocked them.

Apparently, the scary Beliebers, the ones that tweeted pictures of themselves with shotguns and saying that they hoped bad things happened to him upon touching down, in addition to wishing incurable and fatal diseases on him, didn't show up...

...the ones who wanted to defend the Biebs with love did.

Bell said he has nothing against Bieber. "The fans just get a little crazy, that's all. It's all good fun," Bell reasoned.

Fun? We dunno if we'd call any of this fun. Anyone else sense the regret?

The video was posted by a Belieber who said the following in the video description:

"I never went to LAX with intention to hurt Drake. We wanted to show him that Beliebers would show up and would confront him. This is by no means all of what happened and more was said off camera. Don't assume this is all that occurred. We told him to stop hating on Justin and his Beliebers. We were also being sarcastic a lot. We were trying to make light of a situation. We weren't going to harass and yell at him. That would only fuel the fire. We wanted to end the feud. Hate needs to stop in both directions.

Now that's the right attitude!

However, is anyone else concerned that kids were able to just come and accost someone at an airport? Security at airports is serious bidness...