They're baaaaaaack!

Justin Bieber's bangs were world famous and once a part of his signature image, look and style. The 'As Long as You Love Me' singer has debuted a new haircut, mixing a classic and familiar style with something somewhat new, at least for him.

The swoopy Bieber bangs are back – he had abandoned them on the 'Believe' cycle in favor of a slicked back pompadour -- and the side is shaved, a la Skrillex and RIhanna.

So it's a half-shaved swoop, where most of his locks are swept to the side.

A picture of The Biebs with a fan has found its way onto Twitter and we are waiting for chatter to ignite among Beliebers as to whether or not they like the new coif.

We expect all the haters to resurrect the "lesbian hair" comments that followed The Biebs when he first arrived on the scene with his noteworthy, full head of hair.

PopCrushers and Beliebers, what do you think of Justin Bieber's latest hairstyle? Are you feeling it? Did you prefer the pomp or are you welcoming back the fringer?

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