Ow ow! Check out these shirtless pictures of One Direction's Harry Styles and Justin Bieber! What do you think of their buff beach bods? Who looks better with no shirt?

Both Styles and Bieber have toned physiques, and it's really no wonder as to why. The chiseled Styles is constantly on the road with his One Direction bandmates, singing for fans all over the world and getting them hyped up from the stage, which is like a workout in itself.

Bieber also has to keep up with a demanding schedule, jet setting all over the world in order to perform live and to make promotional stops to visit fans. He's could also be working on his abs to impress his super slim GF Selena Gomez, who is also in great shape.

And finally, while they may be different people, these boys definitely share one common denominator: hoards of screaming fans chasing them. You've gotta be in tip-top physical shape if you're gonna outrun a bunch of determined teenage girls!

So, Directioners and Beliebers, does Styles or Bieber look better shirtless? Cast your vote below.