An influencer model says she is being protected by a live-in bodyguard — paid for by a “sugar daddy” fan — after she was left petrified by a string of stalker scares.

Manchester-based Belle Olivia has become a millionaire after racking up hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media channels and says her content has got so “hot” she now needs a minder to protect her from weirdos.

The 21-year-old said: “I have had all sorts of stalker and uncomfortable situations thanks to my online presence.

“I get recognized in Manchester now, and even though most of the interactions are friendly, I have had some really creepy guys come up to me and some really scary experiences.

“One guy tried to grab me and pull me into an alley, and I’ve had loads of stalker experiences, with things arriving at my home like gifts and pretty perverted notes.

“This is all to be expected if you’re on sites like OnlyFans, but I don’t want to be on the street fearing for my safety or being hounded by men who known my address.

“I’ve had loads of scary, pervy messages online too that stepped over the line.”

Belle was sharing her experiences in a chat with fans when one older man offered to pay for a 24-houre bodyguard for her.

She added he costs at least $3,600 a month and says he has had military training.

Belle said: “I do lots of videos and content now for the guy who’s paying for my bodyguard, and he’s really nice.

“He’s an older guy so I guess you could call him a sugar daddy. But he’s really nice and respectful and hasn’t asked to meet up or anything – he just really cares that I’m safe.

“He said he had the money, so I thought, ‘Why not?’

“Thanks to my OnlyFans, I have my own car and penthouse in Manchester so my bodyguard has moved in to the spare room.

“He goes with me shopping and to the gym, and I don’t get bothered as much anymore and have started to feel safe again.

“I’m really grateful to the man who’s paying for it, and he gets plenty of content in return!”

Irish-born Belle made headlines last year when she boasted 10 minutes’ of content creation paid off all her monthly bills.

She is reluctant to boast about her earnings from OnlyFans, but an analysis of her subscriber numbers and video fee rates means she has easily passed the $1.2 million mark in earnings.

Belle recently bought herself a Mercedes and says she is dreaming of going into property development and wants to explore investing in the stock market.

She also recently made hundreds of thousands of pounds from content she filmed at the U.K.’s first OnlyFans Mansion.

It’s run by influencers management firm the Rebel Agency and is in a secret location in the English countryside.

Belle said: “I made a fortune from the content I filmed in a few days at the mansion.

“Content creators like me get access to so much equipment at the mansion and record weeks’ worth of material in a few days there.

“There’s also the fun of creators getting together to film. The Mansion is a brilliant idea.”

The Rebel Mansion was launched at the end of October by Rebel Agency CEO Jordan Smith, 29, as a way to bring together his huge “community” of influencers and OnlyFans creators.

It hit the headlines after Jordan revealed content filmed at the stately mansion by his roster of clients had made them an astonishing total of $14 million in three days.

The Playboy Mansion-style property was also in the news after its location was leaked and it was targeted by two stalkers.

Jordan said: “Unfortunately, the address got leaked and two of them turned up.

“Luckily, we had two security on standby and they were found trying to sneak onto the grounds before they got into the house.

“We’ve now hired two extra security, installed more CCTV and are even using a drone to sweep for any stalkers on the premises.

“The safety of our clients is paramount, so we won’t stand for this type of nonsense.”

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