One of OnlyFans’ most profitable creators says videos of her “real life sex” are making her more cash on the site than its celebrity contributors’ content.

Belle Olivia, who was born in Dublin but moved to Manchester as soon as her content creation fees started rolling in, made global headlines in November when she said she was able to pay her rent on her penthouse apartment with the profits from only 10 minutes of content creation.

The 21-year-old said: “You always hear about celebrities like Kerry Katona and Lottie Moss on OnlyFans making millions from it, but I’m doing better because my videos show my real life.

“Nothing’s manufactured, and I film with my boyfriends and people I meet when something happens spontaneously.

“For example, I was in Ibiza with a girl and we had a threesome and then a foursome with lads we met in clubs, and we just decided to do it and film it on the spot.

“Nothing is planned and my followers get to see me make those kinds of decisions and they love that it’s spontaneous and not all manufactured.

“They’re getting to see me in my real life, and people seem to like it more than celebrity content because they know it’s spontaneous, and can identify with my life.”

Belle broke an OnlyFans record by climbing to 27,000 subscribers in a matter of months after she started her account, with her followers living everywhere from Ireland and Britain to the US and Germany.

With her subscription rate at $12 a month, her fan base was earning her nearly $364,000 per month.

She added: “My videos on top of the subscription fees are what do really well now. Depending on what they are, they are $12 to $121 for around 10 minutes.

“I don’t like to say exactly how much I’m making now, but it’s a lot more than a lot of famous faces. People need to start keeping it real on OnlyFans!”

Belle has been helped make her OnlyFans fortune by content creators’ company the Rebel Agency, founded by Manchester-based digital entrepreneur Jordan Smith in July 2022.

The 29-year-old said part of the firm’s mission is to steer creators including Belle away from agreeing to kinky demands that will get them barred from the site, and to “future proof” their digital careers.

Jordan added: “Our influencers agency focuses on creating a safe space and caring community for creators.

“We have an in-house mental health specialist available to them for regular check-ins to ensure they are keeping themselves healthy and safe amid the pressures of their job.

“They can easily be sucked into a 24/7 cycle of content creation and answering fans and sponsorship demands, and we give them a blueprint for creating a work/life balance.

“The Rebel Agency also gives them personal financial guidance through legitimately paying taxes, supporting with budgeting and setting up a limited company through our accounting service Accounting4Creators. It also guides them to create a strong financial future.

“Our ethos is creating as safe a space as possible for our clients while maximizing their income – and having fun along the way.”

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