Ben Affleck attempts to become a pop star in new advertising campaign.

The 51-year-old Hollywood actor, who is the face of doughnut chain Dunkin', has filmed a new commercial for the brand in which he's seen poking fun at his "bored" persona by setting out on a journey to prove he's not glum by following his wife Jennifer Lopez into the music industry.

The ad starts by showing a clip of the couple with the headline: "Boredest Man in the World" and Ben then says: "Keep laughing. He’s bored. No. Steady. Always watching. I can do that. How hard can it be?" before seemingly answering a call from Jennifer.

He's heard saying on the phone: “What’s going on baby? I had this crazy dream, you’re going to laugh. I had come up with like some beats. And then you were like, ‘Maybe you should put that on the record.’ I even had a persona like JLo or like BLo. That’s the bad version obviously."

Ben then attempts to become a pop star with the help of influencer Charli D’Amelio, who tries to show him how to dance, but becomes concerned about him when he asks her: "Who is TikTok?”

After the failed dance session, the actor then gives himself a motivational talk saying: "They tell you you’re no good. You’re a goofy, middle-aged, clumsy white guy with no rhythm and you can’t sing on key. You’re not coordinated. That means I can't be a pop star? Underestimate Boston? At your peril."

The advert finishes with Ben chomping on a doughnut and making a reference to his wife's new album This Is Me... Now  as he declares: "This is me now".

The commercial finishes with a "To Be Continued" sign sparking suggestions a second part could air during the upcoming Super Bowl.

Ben previously debuted his Dunkin' partnership during the big game last year. He was seen working in a branch of the doughnut at the drive-thru window when his wife pulls up and scolds him, saying: "What are you doing? Is that what you do when you say you're going to work all day?"

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