Here is a video of everything you have ever needed in your life: Bette Midler singing Kim Kardashian's tweets. You're welcome. (Check it out above.)

The iconic singer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (March 9), where she treated the audience to a very Bette Midler-esque performance of some of the reality star's most profound tweets.

Accompanied by a pianist, Midler belted out the tweets in her traditional, Broadway-style voice. Oh, the grandeur!

"What color is that dress? I see white and gold," the actress sings with passion. "Kanye sees black and blue. Who is color blind?"

"I hate falling asleep with all my makeup on," she belts out next, ending the tweet with a little Fairy Godmother embellishment of her own: "Bippity boppity boo."

As for the final tweet, the Divine Miss M sweetly sings: "I never thought I'd say this, but I'm... wearing flats today."

There's a reason that the audience roared with laughter and immediately threw roses on stage — this performance is living proof that Bette Midler is a hero and a goddess. It's like when Josh Groban sang Kanye West's tweets — there really is nothing better than setting Kimye tweets to the sweet sounds of a Broadway score.

In fact, maybe Kim Kardashian should turn the tables around and sing Bette Midler's tweets to the tune of "Wind Beneath My Wings"? Okay, maybe that's a terrible idea, but yeah, we'd still watch it.

Watch Bette Midler belt out Kim Kardashian's tweets in the video above.

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