We love when a song perfectly captures the giddy feeling of falling completely head-over-heels for someone. When Better Than Ezra elaborated on this magic on their new track 'Crazy Lucky,' they added a little humor to emphasize the unlikelihood of finding that special someone. (They even made a reference to Google!)

"‘Crazy Lucky’ is about that serendipitous moment when you meet the person you are meant to be with and it was luck/fate/destiny that made it happen," vocalist and guitarist Kevin Griffin tells PopCrush. "It’s kismet.”

The 'Crazy Lucky' lyric video illustrates these statistics in a streamlined, catchy style. Lucky for you, PopCrushers, you can get an exclusive first look at the lyric vid right here.

Some of our favorite images include the Pac-Man ghost-esque characters, the slot machine and the champagne bubbles background.

'Crazy Lucky' is the first single off of Better Than Ezra's upcoming album. You can purchase the track here and check out the awesome lyric video above!