When you think of Wolverine—a gruff, headstrong brute who'd sooner throw you to the wolves than spare you from them—your next logical thought is Betty White, right?

In a clip from CONAN that hit YouTube today, the tall-haired talk show host devastated his audience when he shared news that Hugh Jackman, who's been playing the X-Men character in films since 2000, will hang up his superhero-boots after the franchise's next installment. So, who'll take over, and who can handle the role of the adamantium-man once he's out? The comedian aimed to find out.

In the mock-audition reel above, everyone from Betty White to Hannibal Buress pull out all the stops to convince a casting director that they're equipped to square off against Magneto, Sabretooth and the like.

"I'm the best there is at what I do," Buress insists after testing a few choice inflections. "But what I do best isn't very nice!"

"I feel like I'm more of a Gambit," he adds, out-of-character, before completing the tryout.

And after Kristen Schaal, Patton Oswalt and Larry King all give the audition their best, a confused Betty White steps in front of the camera.

"What's this for? Why me? Is it because of this?" she asks before flashing the back of her hand, from which Wolverine's three signature blades jet out. Well, if it wasn't already clear, B. White is not one to be crossed...

Check out the clip, and tell us in earnest who you'd like to see take over for Jackman once he and Wolverine part ways.

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