Beyonce recently celebrated her 34th birthday (we celebrated too) and killed it at Jay Z’s Made In America Festival (where her husband dutifully sang along to her set, further cementing Bey + Jay as our favorite celebrity power couple). She's also nabbed the cover for Flaunt magazine’s September 2015 issue — without providing the profile story that typically comes with a cover, further demonstrating how great it must be to be Beyonce.

Flaunt's cover photo is minimal: A simple black-and-white snap with Beyonce sporting a braid, a necklace and an intense stare. But leave it to Beyonce to look better than everyone else at all times.

Flaunt failed to secure an interview with Beyonce, but that's unremarkable for her at this point her career. One of the most impressive things about Beyonce is her refusal to do interviews. Imagine having so much power that, after being offered Vogue's coveted September issue you can say “No thanks” to an accompanying interview. Yet you're so necessary and so influential that the magazine still runs the cover anyway.

Beyonce did partake in Flaunt's word association game, and they've shared her replies. To Bey, the word iconic is “over used,” “social media” is polluted. When she thinks of historical she thinks of “Michael [Jackson],” and she feels politeness is “underrated.” Check out all of her answers below.


You can check out the full spread and non-interview over on Flaunt’s website.

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