Beyonce's contribution to the Super Bowl 50 halftime show has dominated pop culture conversation since Sunday, due in part to her flawless recovery from a near-fall and some incorporated political elements — including dancers in Black Panthers-inspired costumes — that rattled some fragile reactionary types. But know that Bey rested comfortably in the days surrounding the big event: Like many modern-day travelers, she rented a crash pad through AirbnbUnlike most travelers, her chosen rental goes for $10,000 a night.

The singer, whose upcoming Formation Tour will promote relief efforts toward the current Flint water contamination crisis, stayed on an 11-acre property in Los Altos Hills that's about 30 minutes away from the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. According to the listing, which confusingly also lists it as $30,000 a night (?!?!?), the "masterpiece" boasts a "sweeping view of the San Francisco Bay Area" with "five bedroom suites, game room, fitness, center, vanishing edge pool, spa, outdoor fire pit, game room with full bar." Sign us up.

Bey (or more accurately, the team member who operates Bey's Facebook page) shared a photo that saw her cozied up in sweats on the rental's couch outside, ostensibly lit by its advertised fire pit. Here's another STILL cozier photo of her on the same couch, in a bathrobe post-meal and oh god why can't we be in this house right now instead of at work? What's that? Because we're not a multi platinum-selling pop star who can do 80 dance-squats in 15 seconds? Oh.

She also posted the below photo of the property in the daytime, which reveals it does indeed have stunning views. All the better for contemplating the fact that your second Super Bowl half time appearance in three years registered the third-largest TV audience ever, according to February 8 ratings reports.

Super Bowl half time artists don't get paid for their performances — the NFL solely covers expenses and the admittedly-massive production costs — so they likely footed the bill for her luxe accommodations. Or Airbnb, who was tagged in her first post, hooked them up in exchange for promo. Either way, we hope Beyonce invites us next time.

Drool over photos of the house over at Airbnb.

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