Somebody get us a cold towel, because we are burning up from looking at these pictures of Beyonce and Rihanna! Both of the R&B beauties shed their clothes for the cover of GQ, with Rihanna taking off a little bit more than the barely covered Beyonce.

It's obvious that both of these incredibly beautiful women look beyond bangin', but which GQ cover do you find the sexiest? Beyonce's Feb. 2013, 'Sexiest Women of the 21st Century' cover, or Rihanna's photo on the 'Men of the Year' issue from Nov. 2012?

Beyonce's GQ cover coincides with her Super Bowl XLVII performance, hence the cropped jersey. Beyonce is never shy about flaunting her figure, but she usually tends to keep covered for the most part, so we had to do a double take when we first saw this photo. Her arms are raised above her head, giving us a tiny glimpse of some under-boob, with her fit abs on full display. Bey's thighs are also out of this world, and her hips are accentuated with a gold chain and her teeny-weeny, black and red panties.

Meanwhile, Rihanna took everything except her leather jacket off for her smokin' hot GQ cover in late 2012. If you've taken a look at her Instagram feed lately, you probably know that the 'Cockiness' singer loves showing off her naked bod, so this mag cover shoot must've been a cinch for her. Her naked chest is covered just enough to prevent any nip slippage, and her hands are the only thing covering up her most private of lady parts. We really can see Rihanna's amazing, hourglass shape here, and her tats make her look even more bada--.

It's a tough choice, but who do you think had the sexiest GQ cover? Vote Beyonce or Rihanna below!