Rihanna is up to her old, "getting naked in front of the free world" tricks again. The Bajan singer covers the Men of the Year issue of GQ and in a leaked photo, we can see that she is wearing little more than a cropped, black leather jacket tossed over her shoulders, with her own strategically placed hands covering up her lady parts.

It’s somewhat ironic that Ri is covering the Men of the Year issue when she's showing off all of her female business. She's the sole female selected for the Men of the Year nod, and hey, she's RiRi and she's manning up in a totally non-masculine way!

It's no shock that the 'Diamonds' singer stripped down and shows it all off on the men's mag, since shedding clothes and showing that rad body is what she does best. She's also sporting her uber-short, black pixie cut and that under boob tattoo she got recently.

Ri shares the "Men of the Year" honor with the likes of Channing Tatum and Ben Affleck, so they're in good company.

We have to ask an important question of you, PopCrushers. Are you fatigued by Rihanna constantly getting naked for magazine covers? We know, male readers want more skin-showing RiRi magazine covers since she's hotter than the lava of a million volcanoes.

But given the singer's high visibility, is it becoming rote or boring to see her strip down? If everyone gets to see her lady bits, is it special when she goes au naturel with her man, reportedly Chris Brown?  RiRi claims that she has nothing going on, romance-wise, so maybe that's why she is so eager to drop her top whenever the opp presents itself.

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