Bhad Bhabie, a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli, responded to ongoing "blackfishing" allegations after posting several videos of herself looking several shades darker.

Last week, the 17-year-old faced a ton of backlash from people who believed she purposefully tried to make herself appear black or mixed race. Many accused her of "cultural appropriation" and "blackfishing," a new term used to describe white people who pretend to be black by altering their appearance.

Bregoli has since responded to the criticism in a profanity-filled and incredibly tone-deaf rant. In it, she yells at the camera, "Who wants to be black? I don’t understand that! I just can’t comprehend it."

"You think my black best friend would let me blackfish," she argued.

The teen rapper then took aim at Lil Kim, adding, "You think Lil Kim f---ing foundation that's too light for her face. The girl went and got a nose job to have a smaller nose like white people. Y'all don't see that?"

"She turned herself into..." Bregoli begins to say before making it clear she means no disrespect towards the rapper. "She literally got surgery to make herself look like a white person. She's wearing white makeup that's light and y'all don't say a godd--m word about her. But I put on a foundation that makes me look tan..."

Check out clips from her Instagram Live, below:

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