Big Time Rush have huge album sales, a ferociously devoted fan base (hey Rushers!), a Nickelodeon TV show and even a movie -- yet they're hardly ever on the radio. And frankly, that's unfortunate, because Big Time Rush songs are some of the best-crafted, catchiest pop tunes you'll ever hear.

The band, comprised of James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena, Jr. and Logan Henderson, are vocally and musically talented as well as being extremely fun and rather charming. Tune into the 10 best Big Time Rush songs below and we bet you'll agree!

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    'The Giant Turd Song'

    We know, we know -- it's not a for real Big Time Rush song, but we just had to include 'The Giant Turd Song' as a bonus on our countdown of the top Big Time Rush songs. It's perfect for the boys because it shows their goofy side while still managing to make the listener go, "Wow, they've got some pipes!"

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    'Any Kind of Guy'

    'Any Kind of Guy' is a Rusher favorite, in part because it's classic boy band fare and also because each of the Big Time Rush members have distinct solos in the track. We're a little obsessed with Logan Henderson's falsettos!

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    'Big Time Rush'

    Of course Big Time Rush's 'Big Time Rush,' the theme song to 'Big Time Rush' would be on this list! (Did that last sentence confuse you a little? Then you're not a real Rusher!) This 120 beats per minute track is infectious and sets the tone for everything that's come since.

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    'Shot in the Dark'

    'Shot in the Dark' hasn't been officially released, but it's such a sweet Big Time Rush song. It's got a bit more of a rock than a dance edge -- and it premiered in the absolutely hilarious 'Big Time Terror' episode, which only makes us love it even more.

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    Hand claps, dance beats and super fun synths combine to 'Elevate' Big Time Rush's devoted Rushers. This uptempo song will make even the most reluctant booty shakers rush to throw down on the floor. Who needs to actually get high when you have BTR bubblegum?

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    Feat. Snoop Dogg

    Big Time Rush test the R&B waters and have some help along the way -- from some dude you may have heard of named Snoop Dogg, who spits laid-back rhymes to help set up this charming love song. We don't see any other boy bands recruiting huge rappers like BTR!

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    'Halfway There'

    This Big Time Rush song has positive lyrics that undoubtedly encourage Rushers to stay hopeful during the rough times. It also has an insanely catchy, synth-driven beat that will certainly make you strap on those dancing shoes, especially during the empowering chorus: "We're halfway there, we're looking good now / Nothing's gonna get in the way."

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    With a beat reminiscent of George Michael's 'Faith' (seriously -- bet you can't unhear it) and killer harmonies, you pretty much can't listen to '24/seven' and be in a bad mood. From the upbeat lyrics to shimmering synths, this Big Time Rush song just makes you feel good.

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    'Windows Down'

    'Windows Down' samples 'Song 2' by Blur and was originally a song called 'Woohoo' for Kesha. But when K-Dollar Sign's track leaked online, Big Time Rush snagged it -- and good thing, too, because it's one of the band's biggest hits and a quintessential summer song. The guys being shirtless in the video is pretty nice, too.

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    'Like Nobody's Around'

    'Like Nobody's Around' isn't just a fun song for Rushers to sing along to, but it also has a great message for the young fan base: Do your thing, let your freak flag fly and don't worry about who's watching. Anyone who's taken a gander at any of the guys' Instagram accounts can confirm that these fellas practice what they preach!

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    'Music Sounds Better With U'

    Feat. Mann

    'Music Sounds Better With U' is our favorite Big Time Rush song and the band's as well, and with good reason: It pretty much epitomizes their entire catalog within one track. It's got a great hook, a crazy danceable beat, an infectious melody and an adorable video. Music definitely sounds better with BTR!