They don't call Madonna Her Madgesty for nothing: the iconic pop star is officially Billboard's Queen.

Today (November 12), with performances on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 considered, the site unveiled its Top 100 artists of all time (or, at least, since the Billboard 100 launched in 1958) based on a depreciating point system through which No. 1 hits earned the most value, No. 2s got a little less and so on. And while The Beatles predictably stand atop the list, the pop queens came out swinging otherwise across the Top 10: Madge is No. 2, Mariah Carey is No. 5, Janet Jackson is No. 7 and Whitney Houston is No. 9.

More of pop's more contemporary acts that ranked? Rihanna lands just a touch further down at No. 13, Katy Perry carves out the No. 24 spot, Taylor Swift sits pretty at No. 34, just a few spots ahead of Beyonce, who's No. 39. Lady Gaga's No. 67, Kelly Clarkson's No. 78 and Justin Timberlake is Mr. No. 89.

And while it's a numbers game as far as this list is concerned, Billboard announced yesterday that it will no longer rank women as part of its annual 50 Most Powerful Women in Music. Instead, President Janet Min wrote in an open letter that the publication will release a numberless, more inclusive Top 50 list that doesn't encourage a "female cage match" atmosphere.

"I’ve come to believe that something as simple as our ranked women’s lists contributes to keeping that sense alive, that we accidentally created a beauty pageant of brains where only one woman gets crowned,” she wrote. “Some women have publicly cried upon seeing their rankings. That is funny to some people. But it’s depressing as hell to me."

Check out the full list here, and tell us if you think there are any glaring omissions from the roundup.

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