Billie Eilish is both Thelma and Louise in her brand new micro-Western for "Bellyache," the 15-year-old singer-dancer's crazed alt-pop single.

In the dreamy clip, Billie wanders a long, desolate desert road, dragging a red wagon behind her with garbage bags full of cold hard cash which, at one point, she maniacally, blissfully flips through and tosses over her head like a teen at the mall on payday.

"Where's my mind? Where's my mind?" she ponders melodically over a galloping beat and twangy guitar strums.

"They'll be here pretty soon / Looking through my room / For the money / I'm biting my nails / I'm too young to go to jail / It's kinda funny..." she continues recklessly, as the track pours into a sinister dub breakdown.

The video culminates with a quiet showdown amid the Joshua trees —this is the wild west, after all—as Billie finds herself face to face with a doughnut-gobbling police officer waving a baton.

It's a cerebral slice of slick, manic pop that is at once frightening and relatable. Watch below:

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