Billie Eilish's controversial couple's costume with new boyfriend Jesse Rutherford raised some eyebrows this past Halloween.

The "Bad Guy" pop star and The Neighbourhood frontman's decision to dress up as a baby and an old man, respectively, for Halloween 2022 ruffled fans' metaphorical feathers.

The couple's costume was seemingly a pointed reference to the internet's outrage over the pair's relationship.

The two have an 11-year age gap. Eilish is 20, while Rutherford is 31. The musicians have been friends for a few years now, and there are even photos of them hanging out back in 2017 — when Eilish was 15 and Rutherford was 26.

Many have accused Rutherford of being a "groomer," pointing out that Eilish isn't even 21 yet.

See the controversial costume in the last slide of Billie Eilish's Halloween 2022 Instagram gallery, below:

Many fans did not appreciate the pair's tongue-in-cheek approach to Halloween this year.

"she thinks shes being big and bad and grown trolling the haters but shes just showing her immaturity and proving the point," one person tweeted.

Some expressed their disappointment in Eilish for seemingly playing up her and Rutherford's age gap.

"idk if jesse rutherford realizes this but dressing up in a costume that makes fun of his grooming accusations is exactly what a groomer would do," one fan tweeted, while another called the couple's costume "weird and creepy." See below.

Others called out the alleged lack of protection from Eilish's older brother Finneas, who has been seen hanging out with the couple, as well as their parents, who fans have accused of letting Eilish date older men when she was underage.

"Every adult in billie eilish’s life has failed her because why do you continue to let her get intimate with men 10+ years older than her," one fan wrote on Twitter.

Others predicted that in a few years, Eilish will look back and agree that the age gap was "weird."

One fan posted a TikTok set to Eilish's 2021 Happier Than Ever song "Your Power," which notably discusses her split from Brandon "Q" Adams, who is five years older than her.

"Billie Eilish made this song about grooming and how toxic older men are towards younger women just to turn around [and] get back with someone older and then dressed up as a baby and an old man to mock the people with concerns about the age difference. Kinda insane if you ask me," the TikTok user wrote in a text overlay on the video.

"Y’all gotta understand that acknowledging and recognizing a pattern does not mean it’ll prevent you from falling to it," one fan commented on the video.

"We have to remember tho like she's still developing. When she's 31, she will definitely understand how this whole relationship isn't okay," another weighed in.

"Why y'all trying to make her recognize that there's a problem and then blaming HER for it. There's no situation where she's in the wrong here..." someone else commented on the TikTok.

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