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Billie Eilish Gets Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan

Billie Eilish was granted a restraining order against an alleged obsessed fan who kept showing up to her house last week. Prenell Rousseau walked up to the singer's parents' front door, rang the doorbell and asked if the pop star lived there. Apparently, he showed up seven times after security repeatedly asked him to leave the property. He was taken into custody twice, but cops reportedly told Eilish that there was really nothing they could do as trespassing is a non-violent offense and they are currently trying to keep non-violent offenders out of jail due to the spread of coronavirus. Eilish ended up getting a temporary restraining order against Rousseau. (via TMZ)

Coronavirus Baby Boom Likely Not Happening

You might think that because of quarantine and all the alone time that couples have currently that nine months from now we're going to see a baby boom. However, social scientists say the birth rate will reflect the uncertainty for many. Ever sine World War II, birth rates have declined every time the country has seen a drop in the economy. In fact, 80% of couples who are at an age to have children do not plan to try to conceive during quarantine. 37% said they planned to have a child before the pandemic but are now worried about financial difficulties. (via NBC New York)

Walmart Launches Two-Hour Express Delivery Service 

Walmart has rolled out a two-hour delivery service to get people the items they need quicker. Express Delivery will cost an extra $10 on top of usual delivery charges, which can range between $7.95 and $9.95. When you use this option, you'll get all your items in less than two hours. This will be available for over 160,000 items including groceries, toys and electronics, as long as your order total is at least $30. (via Today)

Protesters Do Push-Ups to Call for Gyms to Reopen

A group of protesters in Florida decided to work out on the steps of their local courthouse as a way to demand the state reopen health clubs. At one point, some of the protesters dropped to the pavement and began doing push-ups in unison. (via NY Post)

New Gerber Baby Is the Company's First Adopted Spokesbaby 

Baby Magnolia is the new Gerber Baby, as well as the first adopted spokesbaby in the company's history. She was chosen from more the 327,000 entries and will be featured on the company's social media platforms and in ad campaigns. (via Shade Room)

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