Technical issues that rattled Adele's 2016 Grammys performance left the 25 singer crestfallen ("I kept spontaneously bursting into tears…but it was all right," she told Ellen of the aftermath). But Birdy, one of Adele's biggest fans, was, conversely, inspired by the set.

The Beautiful Lies singer, who's one of pop music's most visible pianists, took a note from one of her newest singles during a recent interview with PopCrush and insisted that Adele had every reason to keep her head up.

"I think Adele was amazing at The Grammys, the way she handled it," Birdy explains above. "I think I would have, like, melted. It was amazing, she managed to carry on."

And while Birdy has yet to face audio malfunctions in front of millions of viewers via national broadcast, she says she can identify with performance glitches. Something as simple as a shirt once knocked her off-balance, she explains.

"I haven't had anything too bad," she says. "I've had it where, like, my shirt cuff was slamming against my guitar and making this horrible noise and I couldn't work out what it was."

Listen to Birdy's take on Adele's "All I Ask" performance above. Hang tight for more from her chat with PopCrush and be sure to pre-order Beautiful Lies, available for purchase on March 25.

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