A woman is furious after her new manager body-shamed her in front of her colleagues, calling her "fat."

Now, she's turned to Reddit for advice.

Sharing her story on Reddit's popular AITA forum, the 32-year-old explained she recently returned to the office from maternity leave after giving birth to her son.

"Everything is new, especially with a new manager," she wrote in her post, adding her new supervisor seemed "nice and friendly, but he has a habit of speaking his mind without hesitation."

A week before sharing her story on Reddit, the anonymous woman and her boss were eating lunch together when "he mentioned my weight and how unattractive it looks that I'm the only 'fat' woman in our department."

The woman was mortified. "I am still emotional due to hormones and can't stop crying in front of everyone," she shared.

"One of my co-workers, who is much older, scolded our manager and told him that being pregnant is difficult and that he shouldn't say things like that when he has never experienced the difficulties that I have," the new mom continued, sharing that she was grateful for the co-workers who stood up for her as she believes it "embarrassed him."

However, the manager's inappropriate behavior didn't stop with the awkward lunch.

"My manager called me the next day and invited me to a fancy restaurant, which I declined. I told him there was no need for that and left his office," she continued. "Later in [a] meeting, he invited everyone and announced that I would not be attending because I am a woman who is too arrogant to accept his apology and that he would prefer that I stay at home."

The woman's husband encouraged his wife to find a less toxic workplace.

"I go home crying and told my husband everything," she wrote. "I know he is more tired than me, but I really appreciate how he told me that I'm a strong woman and that I should find a new job."

Sadly, the woman's story isn't a one-off situation.

According to a survey from Top Resume, "96 percent of professionals have felt bullied at work, with 71 percent feeling bullied by a boss."

Workplace bullying is defined as mistreatment from co-workers or employers that causes physical, psychological or emotional harm on an employee.

Bullying in the workplace is never okay. f you feel you are being bullied at work, don't hesitate to speak up to your HR department.

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