Brandy and Chris Brown get bright in their 'Put It Down' video, which showcases their platonic bond -- as well as their beautiful bods!

While longtime fans will delight in Brandy going back to her trademark braids in solo shots, the erstwhile 'Moesha' star dances with her girls in front of cars while sporting a stunning head of curls in others. She entices a whole mob of men with her dance moves -- they follow her around like lovesick puppies. And she looks so stunning that we can't really blame them.

Famous for her smooth croon, Brandy surprises by actually rapping in the track as well. While she can't quite keep up with Brown's flow (the man can spit pretty rapidly), her rhymes are impressive nonetheless.

Breezy dances alone in front of the paint-splattered letters for the bulk of his share of the clip, with his muscular, shirtless (hell-ooo!) silhouette contrasting with the bright colors behind him, but gets fully clothes once more to join Brandy for a few scenes. Their friendly chemistry is evident -- you can see the brother-sister vibe these two have (it even showed in the trailer), and it's fun to watch.

Like any other modern music video, 'Put It Down' wouldn't be complete without some product placement, right? See if you can spot the plug. Brandy looks so gorgeous in the clip that we forgive her, because anyone would be wise to buy what that girl's selling!