A bride on Reddit says she gave her new husband an ultimatum and left their wedding a bit early after her new sister-in-law threw a "tantrum" at their nuptials.

The bride, who is from the U.K., and the groom, who is from the U.S., were dating long distance for two years before they got married. The bride didn't meet his family in-person until about a week before their wedding, and though they claimed to want to "get to know" her, "none of them actually tried to make conversation," leaving her feeling "ignored and invisible."

However, the "wedding day itself went great — we got ready, got married and started partying," she shared, adding that again, no one from the groom's family really spoke much to her.

By 8PM, the bride's friends had all left, so at 9PM she got out of her gown and started packing these up so there wouldn't be too much to do later in the evening.

"Well, that's when [my] sister-in-law realizes we're leaving," she continued, adding the groom was "too preoccupied to hear his sister scream at me asking if we're leaving, like she was in severe shock."

"She screamed at me three times until she then stormed out and threw a tantrum. My husband tried to go and calm her but that didn't work and she continued crying when I let my husband know that the Uber [was] here and [that we had to leave]," the bride explained.

"I was exhausted and extremely annoyed at this point after being screamed at ... I just wanted to leave so I shouted to my husband that I [was] leaving with or without him," she continued, adding that her sister-in-law's husband has now decided not to give the couple their wedding video.

"I do understand her being upset but at the same time could she not [have] pulled us aside and had a civil conversation with us rather than screaming at me and throwing a tantrum like a child?" the bride concluded.

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Reddit users in the comments mostly slammed the woman's sister-in-law for her odd behavior, but some were left questioning the bride.

"It’s your husband’s problem to deal with. Congratulations on your wedding, onward and upward from here," one user commented.

"How cruel to hold your wedding video hostage in this ridiculous situation that was his wife’s fault. Sorry to say your new in-laws suck," another wrote.

"It's your day and you can leave whenever you want but I sense a lot of judgement against his family from you. According to you, he usually comes to you but you have only visited his family once before the wedding ... I can understand his sister wanting to have fun with her brother and you were done so decided he was done and gave him an ultimatum. It's good that he's backing you up, you are his wife, but I get the feeling this is one of those 'There are two sides to every story' deals," someone else wrote.

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