Nobody should be alone if they don't have to be — at least, not if there's a standing invitation from Miss Britney Spears. you wanna come over?

Uh huh.

Glory certainly is a mixed musical bag thus far, ranging from moody midtempos ("Make Me (feat. G-Eazy"), to doo wop-inspired vocal acrobatics ("Private Show") to jangly, knee-slapping EDM hybrids ("Clumsy").

But one thing seems to unite them all: the thirst for that D.

"Do You Wanna Come Over?", released tonight at midnight (August 18), is the playfully seductive new instant grat track off of the upcoming 2016 MTV VMAs performer's ninth studio album, due out on August 26.

Consider this your formal "Invitation" over to B-Girl's boudoir, as she tempts us over from next door with a deep, vibe-y throbbing pulse and a gee-tar riff that evokes just the slightest hint of In The Zone's immaculate "Toxic." And perhaps some "Lace and Leather" thrown in for good measure, too. Or — dare I say — even some mid-00's Girls Aloud wackiness?!

In a bad mood? She's here to lend a helping, uh, whatever you want: "Say you're feeling low and that your day was the baddest / Telling me you can't sleep because of your mattress / Do you wanna come over?" (Also, we now have a song in which Britney Spears sings the word "mattress" in a song. Excellent.)

Britney Mattress GIF

"Let me rub your back, you can set limitations / Honey, if you want, you can get out frustrations / Do you wanna come over?" she entices. (Not sure if she ever told you this before yet, but...she's not that innocent.)

She drives a hard bargain too, especially as the music drops out for some Janet-esque pre-chorus enticement: "Nobody...should be alone if they don't have to be...should be alone if they don't have to be..."

As the chorus strikes, Britney hands over the keys to a crew of joyous surprise guests in the room: "Whatever you want! / Whatever you need! / I'll do it!" they roar in unison. ("Uh huh," she adds, helpfully.) "I'll do it!" The back-and-forth isn't entirely unlike Blackout's "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)," in fact. Some fans might take issue with the fact that Britney plays passenger on her chorus, but hey: it's her party and she'll invite who she wants to.

Kissing? Touching? Next to nothin'? Pick your poison. Now do you want to come over or what?!

It's basically like an anthem for a hook up (REFERENCE) on The Apps. And really, all the songs we've gotten so far from this era are straight-up come ons. Looking for some hot NSA Glory-us fun?

Britney Spears Do You Wanna Come Over Grindr

As for those moody Weeknd vibes that Larry was talking about? Like "Clumsy," that's nowhere to be found here, either. But "Just Love Me" is coming soon enough, right?

If Britney hasn't already made it abundantly clear this era, Glory's all about having a grand ol' time. She's feeling herself in a way she genuinely hasn't since 2003's In The Zone, and doing whatever the hell she wants. (Well, and whatever you want too.) And the fact that the track vaguely recalls at least a dozen or so tracks in her back catalog means that this is thoroughly Britney (bitch), through and through.

This is a woman who has truly just begun having her fun.

Oh yeah, one last thing: do you wanna come over?

Glory arrives on August 26.

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