Can you say "robbed"?! That's how we felt after watching the finale of 'X Factor' last night. We thought for sure Carly Rose Sonenclar, under the mentorship of Britney Spears, was a shoe-in to win the whole dang competition. To cope with our sadness, we are celebrating Britney Spears the best way we know how -- in GIF form. So join us as we take a gander at Britney in short animated form.

When asked if Britney will return to judge 'X Factor.'

 When someone told her the world was supposed to end on Dec. 21, 2012.

 After a particularly intense workout session.

Britney's feelings on Angry Birds.

When Britney first heard the beat for 'Scream and Shout.'

When Simon Cowell makes a snide remark to Britney on 'X Factor.'

After Britney got engaged to Jason Trawick.

When Britney watches 'Jersey Shore.'

What is Britney's favorite part of her body?