UPDATE: It's here! Watch Britney make Jimmy oooh in the middle of the night up top.

Picture this: it's Friday night, you're dreaming a mile a minute about somebody, when all of a sudden, you wake up to find a fleet of near-naked muscle men and the Legendary Miss Britney Spears herself writhing around with some Christmas lights, Stranger Things style, to the sound of "Make Me" right in your bedroom.

For Jimmy Kimmel, that dream within a dream (REFERENCE) just became a reality.

In a new preview for tonight's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, airing at 11:35 PM ET on ABC (watch above), Brit Brit makes yet another stop on her unstoppable #MakeMePromo Tour, following a Tumblr Q&A and two Australian radio interviews, in what is bound to be a supremely silly skit. Talk about putting on a private show. (Hey, maybe she was just looking for a Pikachu?)

For the record, Rihanna did the same prank a year ago with "Bitch Better Have My Money." This man is never going to get a good night's sleep at this rate.

This isn't the first time Goofyney's begun having some fun on Kimmel, either: remember that deleted scene from Jackass 3? And when they traded tattoos? It's about time for the Jimmy & Britney Comedy Hour.

Watch a teaser up top, and check back here for the full clip of Britney's "Make Me" wake-up call once it airs tonight.

Britney Through the Years:

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