The Legendary Miss Britney Spears' unstoppable #MakeMePromo tour continues.

Following her insightful, female empowerment LOL-filled, Most Personal Tumblr Q&A to Date ("Fudge!"), the "Make Me" icon gave fans down under a treat with a call into Australia's KIIS 1065 ahead of the release of her forthcoming ninth studio album, which is coming "soon." When? "I really have no idea when it's supposed to come out," she revealed. Okay!

That said, she's got some new talent on the track(s): “It’s fun to work with people who are new artists and up and coming and hungry," she said. Here's looking at you, Burns! And G-Eazy!

And we can expect some of those tracks — two songs, to be exact — to hit the stage of Piece Of Me soon, too: "The next round that we go [of her Vegas show] we’ll have a lot more stuff from new album," she said.

She would also opt for a seat on an airplane next to 1989 singer-songwriter-sideways sprinter Taylor Swift over Katy Perry — but only because she's never chilled with Tay Tay before. (She previously met Katy at the Smurfs 2 premiere.)

Except, um...


As far as whose life she'd choose between two legendary Vegas divas — Elton John and Mariah Carey? Why, the one she listens to while painting topless in her art room, of course: Mimi, dahhhling.

And that's not all: B-Girl switched right over to 104.1 2DayFM's Rove and Sam, in which she supplied even more (MOAH) morsels, including the fact that, like the rest of us, she went running all over the mall looking for Pokémon. "They're constantly talking about it and I'm always introduced to new Pokémon characters!" she said of her sons' obsession with the global phenomenon. Also, she finds the idea of Rihanna catching a Pokémon in concert f--king hilarious.

As if all the Pokémon talk wasn't enough a clue, Brit Brit's firmly in mom mode.

“I’m very boring. I’m a mom. I’m 34 years old," she declared. (Iconic.)

"I'm not really, like, a party animal. I like to work out. I like a routine. I'm kind of simple. I eat almost the same thing every day. I like caesar salad," she said, making this the second time Britney Spears has referenced eating caesar salad in a radio interview. She ate "a regular caesar salad" with Iggy Azalea last year. Salad: sometimes a girl just needs one.

Oh, and about a B9 theme? Is it female empowerment? "I believe so," Feministney declared.

"There's a couple of things we touch on: Intimacy, being in love, being a hopeless romantic...some girl anthems," the "Touch Of My Hand" superstar revealed. (Every day without a lover...)

"The video that I just shot is me and all my girls. We're making guys audition for us. The whole theme is us basically playing with them. It's really kind of fun and it's interesting," she said of the "Make Me" video. An early version of the video, which may or may not have been scrapped, started leaking last month. Ahem. Anyway!

"The new album's coming to the table soon, so that's gonna shake things up a little bit!"

But when? "WHEN?" you're likely shouting at your screen. (Or, perhaps "quando" if you're in Brazil.) "Soon." Soon. Soon. But first...she's gotta catch 'em all.

Listen to the full audio of Britney's radio interview with Rove and Sam below.

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