Britney Spears has hired a fresh batch of u-and-coming choreographers for her much anticipated Las Vegas residency, dubbed 'Piece of Me.' Why is that little fact so important? Well, according to Brit Brit, the new guys make her learn and practice moves that are much harder.

They make her work...b---h! So Brit isn't all lip service when she says 'Work Bitch' in her hit song. She lives it, too!

In this preview clip from her upcoming 'I Am Britney Jean' doc, Brit is seen with her dance trainer, busting moves left and right, showing off tight, toned and taut abs in the process.

The girl looks terrific -- she is in tip-top shape, like we remember her back in 2001.

Brit is a natural when it comes to dancing and her choreographer says that she picks things up quickly and and remembers her complex routines. Did we mention that she also has a great body? Oh yeah, we did.

But it would seem that one leads to the other.

Brit's 'I Am Britney Jean' doc will air on E! on Dec. 22.