Britney Spears, Living Legend™, is utterly obsessed with sharing across social media as of late.

The 2016 People's Choice Awards Favorite Social Media Celebrity nominee has truly had an awakening across Twitter and Instagram in the past few months, posting dozens of Spearitual memes, #SexySunday selfies and dorky videos that capture the true essence of Brit Brit in 2015. Still, it's a thrill for fans to get any kind of peek behind-the-scenes of her Las Vegas residency Piece Of Me, which is why her cute photos from last night made for a nice surprise to kick off her final string of shows before the New Year.

"Back in Vegas peeps!" she succinctly wrote, accompanied by an adorable photo of herself laughing up against her vanity — plus two cute family photos with Sean Preston and Jayden James. (The girl is all about that hat — and it's working for her.) But for every good Momney moment, there's an equal and opposite moment of Sexyney — and stylist Glenn Nutley's Instagram wholeheartedly delivered the "Work Bitch" icon's latest va-va-voom moment.

"Back in Vegas with @britneyspears Ready for the next round of shows #shesreadyBITCH," he captioned the insanely gorgeous Instagram. Living in waist belts is the new thing!

And in case anyone's in town (in Vegas, that is), you might want to drive by Planet Hollywood — the building just got a major facelift with a seriously scorching new promo photo.

Britney's return to her Piece Of Me stage comes just before her reportedly revamped version of the show launches in early February, which is set to include a set-list and costume switch-up for the New Year. It's about time for a little touch-up anyway: The show was recently extended to run through 2017. And, just for the record, it looks like she's having just as much of a blast onstage. Have fun on your last few dates before February, B!

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